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12 0ne of the highest level of knowledge are three languages
I think that education in three languages are important in our life, because three languages are widely used in our country. Learning in three languages will open bright future for us.
The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in his address to the people of Kazakhstan: In order to develop our country we must know and speak in different languages. At least we must speak on Kazakh, Russian and English. Knowing of these three languages will help us to develop ourselves and recognize the country as a nation.
Three languages are the key to our future. That is why we must speak on these languages. Kazakh is the state language, Russian is the interethnic language and English is international language.
I think it is very important to develop these three languages, because I have understood that communication with people of different nationalities is interesting and you may exchange with your experiment or with knowledge.
The state of Kazakhstan should be recognized with a high developed education in the world. In order to develop education we also need for languages. In this case I also understood that without knowing language we can`t do anything. I want to write a story about language. The great architects from all over the world collected together to build a castle for queen. They had a great ideas but they didn’t understand each other, that is why they couldn`t build that castle.
In conclusion I want to say that the strength is in language.

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